Our Technical supervision service guarantees the high quality engineering and professional monitoring of the construction process. Our classic, full-scale Technical supervision service, complying to professional expectations, is coupled with a proactive approach in every case; therefore, our work is characterised by efficient problem identification and prevention as well as an effective way to find solutions.

In accordance with general expectations, our Technical supervision activity consists of the following tasks:

In the process of construction implementation activities, controlling compliance to applicable law, regulations of competent authorities, standards, contracts and construction as well as technical documentation

In the capacity of on-site representatives of the Builder, fulfilling Section 43 (1) (e)–(k) of Act LXXVIII of 1997 on the Formation and Protection of the Built Environment

Controlling professional quality, entering any fault or defect in the e-log and sending a separate notice of these to the Builder

Making suggestions to modify any plan based on any technical or financial necessity

Performing checks of structures to be covered and entering these into the e-log

Participation in the technical handover protocol, checking the availability of declarations of conformity and construction statements

Logging obligation regarding the Technical supervision activity (e-log)

Preparation of the performance certificate, suggestion on the amount to be invoiced to the Builder

In case there are more than one main contractors, it is the task of the technical inspector to harmonise the activity of the Accountable Technical Leaders and ensure that the ATL (FMV) statements are made available to the authorities.