The principal activity of our company is construction project management.
We offer a comprehensive project management service to our customers, where we represent their interests from the birth of the idea to handing over the keys.
In each and every case, our goal is to align the time, budget and technical aspects of the investment and to enforce these in accordance with the customer’s demands and priorities.

Our project management service may cover the following aspects:

Project preparation tasks – Preparing feasibility studies; coordinating planning processes; preparing cost estimates, outsourcing concepts and project schedule plans; facilitating contractors’ tender procedures professionally; preparing contracts.

Technical coordination – Participating in determining technical content; performing feasibility study of plans; controlling the technical content of construction; coordinating technical inspectors and consultations between different specialisations; harmonising technical aspects.

On-site coordination – Organising and facilitating site handover, regular site cooperation, extraordinary consultations, and technical delivery/acceptance procedure; keeping protocols, involving competent authorities and service providers, if necessary

Cost planning and monitoring – Preparing and monitoring cost estimates; continuous budget monitoring; preparing customer reports

Project administration and organisation – Preparing outsourcing documents; preparing and monitoring approval procedures; providing continuous reporting to the customer; organising and facilitating necessary discussions between decision-makers