About Us

Establishment and beginnings
Kima Project Kft. was established in 2018 by Máté Németh.
From the very start, the goal of the business was to provide professional project management services to domestic and international customers.

As the business activity of Kima Studio Kft. is mostly focused on design services, our collaboration can offer the most comprehensive services to our customers.

Past and present
The vast majority of our first assignments involved technical project management and Technical supervision related to state-funded renovations and new constructions.
The work we carried out in the first year laid the foundations of the team’s professional and financial stability and made it possible to increase our workforce.
After the first year, our portfolio was enhanced with opportunities coming from new professional and customer environments.

Challenges and vision
Our vision corresponds to our initial goals and to the early period when these goals were achieved. Building on the professional and human values of our team, we intend to fully meet our customers’ expectations by providing services tailored to their needs.

We are ready to tackle new challenges in every respect to further develop and make our business successful.